Making money online with Slicethepie and Clickworker

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    Making money online with Slicethepie and Clickworker

    I just signes with two sites, Slicethepie and Clickworker. Slicethepie allows us to basically become online reviewers and we are given various music tracks by contemporary astistes to listen to and to review. I've made about 5 dollars from it and apparently it was easier than I thought. Just make sure to use good English, avoid profanity and to write reviews that are detailed and well-written.

    Clickworker was a little more different, you had to take various assignments and tests (language skills, writing and analytical skills) to determine if you are eligible to work as a translator, copywriter, technical writer, analyst etc. for various mini jobs. The pay tends to be slightly better (or even much better if you pass all the tests) than Amazon Mechanical Turk.

    What do you guys think? Is making money like this worthwhile?

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    I've heard of Slicethepie. It looks great and everything, and I've heard great things about it. Thing is, I've also heard some horror stories about it. I hear that after you start making a decent amount of money, they cut your pay per review rate in half! I wouldn't want to build up a decent amount of money only to have my income cut in half because they don't want to give too much away! Maybe these people are just doing a terrible job once they start making the real money and they get their rating cut, but I don't want to risk it. Has Clickworker asked you to pay taxes on your income made there? I'd be a bit worried about that, as I don't really feel like paying taxes on something I do on the side.

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    I have been researching ways to make money online this past week. One of the companies I have been reading about is slicethepie. It is good to hear other people's recommendations, thoughts, and opinions. I have not signed up for it yet, but I probably will later this week. I have not heard of Clickworker. I will have to research that site as well.

    I am a stay at home mom, and I am always looking for ways to bring income into the house. Every penny helps these days! Thanks for the information.

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    I've tried slicecthepie and don't find it worth it at all! You have to type too much up to get way too little money. You can also only do so many reviews at a time which is pretty lame if I have more time to do them. I've never ever heard of clickworker though so maybe I'll go check it out soon and let you know what I think. I work from home so I'm always looking for something else I could multi task and do while I'm working to bring in a little extra money. I'm yet to find anything however that is really worth my time. I used to do survey's fro a good site, but then life got crazy and I didn't for a while and then it was gone.

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