Burger King (Whopper Wednesdays)

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    Burger King (Whopper Wednesdays)

    It has been going on since the beginning of the year and will probably last until the end of 2012... In this deal you can go to any Burger King (within the East Coast; NY, PA, NJ, DE, etc...) and every Wednesday, the whopper value meal is 2.99 or you can get the whopper sandwich by itself for 1.69.

    For more information, or to see if this deal is available in your area, go to www.bk.com

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    I'm so jealous! I love whoppers, but don't like spending the money on them. I'm not on the East Coast so I can't take advantage of this currently. For $1.69, that's just a little more than cheap dollar menu burgers from other chain fast food stores, so I'd happily go for the whopper instead.

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    I'm not a huge fan of whoppers to be honest but it would be a nice change. Sadly, I'm not on the East coast so I can't take advantage of this. ):
    If I wanted a burger, it'd just be a couple bucks rather than the usual $3-$4.

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