Walmart is taking back Bumbo seats

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    Walmart is taking back Bumbo seats

    I am sure by now, you all have heard about the Bumbo seat recall. I heard Bumbo was sending out safety belts to install in their seats, but I no longer use the Bumbo seat with my daughter, so I thought I'd try to return it. Sure enough, Walmart was more than willing to return it without a receipt because of the recall. I am sure the safety belt will remedy the problem if you are still using your Bumbo, but for those of you who are not, getting $42.00 back by returning it may be the best option.

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    Wow, I didn't know they were accepting returns entirely. I thought they were mostly focused on issuing the belts for those who were interested. I mean.... there's nothing actually wrong with the seats themselves. People are just putting them up on tables and whatnot where they shouldn't and kids are getting hurt. That's user error.

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    Thanks so much for sharing this. I've had. Y bumbo for 4 years, so the receipt and box are long gone. I never used it that much anyway. My son was a big baby and his legs didn't fit in it. My daughter never seemed to like. By the time they had enough head and body control to use, I already had it buried in their closets. A few friends did get some use out of it. I'm heading out to return it today.

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Reload: Walmart is taking back Bumbo seats

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