Purchase a Groupon and get Swagbucks Credit

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    Purchase a Groupon and get Swagbucks Credit

    I read on a blog that you can get credit for swagbucks if you make a groupon purchase. I thought I would share the link for those that do not know how to increase their points by using groupon purchases that they make anyway.


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    That's a pretty neat way to double-dip. I'm afraid I'll end up forgetting this, though. I usually see Groupons through my email account.

    I feel the same way about using Ebay through Ebates. I know I can save money, but whenever I go to Ebay to buy something, I never remember to go through Ebates first to get the cash back bonuses.

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    Wow, I NEVER knew this! I don't buy groupon too often, but I have bought maybe 3 in the past few months. Sure would have been nice to get that credit. Thanks for showing us this, hope I remember to use it in the future.

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    I had NO IDEA you could get ebates for an ebay purchase!! WOW.. I need to check that out. Thinking of all the money I've lost now.... boo

    And if you go into swagbucks, go into daily deals, and they show the deals there. Check there before your email, or check swagbucks when you get your email!

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