Endorse coupon/rebate app - similar to shopkick or receipt hog

Discussion in 'Coupons' started by jleadbet, Oct 26, 2012.

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    Aug 25, 2012
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    I do some couponing, nothing crazy. I've been using an app called Endorse for a while now. It's fairly new. It has new offers each week for various products. In the past weeks it has had toilet paper, Diapers, baby food, and frozen pizza, any brand counts. It also features some specific brands. For me it has Sierra Mist and Yoplait original this week. If you buy one of the featured products, it pays cash back, via check or Paypal. The cash back amounts range from 10-100%, though it looks like it's 10-30% most of the time. There's usually a limit of how much cash back you can earn, $2-$5, most of the time. I've been paid twice and really haven't had any problems with it. Hopefully it can help save some money on things you buy anyway.

    If you want to check it out, I put a referral link below.

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