Roku Vs. UVerse (For News/Sports)

Discussion in 'Digital & Web TV' started by SEA81, Jun 14, 2012.

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    Apr 16, 2012
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    So, after two months of drama with both Comcast and AT&T, I finally decided to just go with a Roku box. My only problem with this is that I will miss my 24/7 news channels (usually Fox News), and I was afraid I wouldn't be able to watch football come fall (college).

    Well, yesterday, I called AT&T to see about just getting internet (I tried to get U-Verse cable and internet a month or so ago, but they told me I lived out of range). The girl tells me that I do live within range, so I should be able to get it. I was not 100% committed to the idea, but she talked me into it, and I figured I could cancel before they set up if I decide to (they couldn't get to my house for two weeks).

    I keep thinking how much cheaper and easier to deal with the Roku would have been, but you can only get so much on it... So, are there any other news/sports junkies out there who don't feel like they're missing out with Roku?
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    May 1, 2012
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    I am extremely anxious to hear about this as well. I hope there is someone out there that actually uses Roku and give give their real opinion on it. Patiently waiting here.....