10% off E-cigarette Mods at Mad Vapes

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    Jul 22, 2014
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    Mad Vapes is offering a sweet Halloween deal with 10% off any Mods. A Mod or modification is an improvement on an original product or a completely hand made home made product. Mad Vapes offers high quality products and no clones or knock off Mods that look the same, but are inferior and liable to break on you the first time you take it apart. I wouldn't advise buying a Mod unless you have used a Vape before and understand the potential money pit of a hobby you are dipping your toes into by purchasing. To merely stop smoking I would go with a much cheaper pen and avoid Mods altogether. The best deal for a first time buyer is

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    on the EHPro Sentinel Mod kit. It has everything needed to introduce you to Modding for fun.
    The kit only runs $29.99 and isn't a bad deal for a starter kit which will run you much more in an actual shop.

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    Coupon code: spookymods