30 minute dinners

Discussion in Food & Drink started by love2loveu • May 29, 2012.

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    There are a wide number of dinner out there for you to try, from soup to mac and cheese and even some cases pizza. I think you should check out some products from Stouffers, Marie Callender's, Banquet and Lean Cuisine, they have some pretty good meals. There are also ramen noddles, they are pretty cheap and easy to make.
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    I found at Walmart fajita beef already cooked, all you do is add your veggies, like onion, or frozen veggies that you got add it to the package of already cooked and cut fajita beef and you've got dinner in 20 minutes. I've never seen this on sale. e4ab8dfa-07c6-4acd-9c47-95db8346b258_1.e79a4666dff5537ae1ca75c1e2189e8a. This pkg. costs at Walmart located at Ft. St. Mall is 4.62, is soft and good tasting. I have instant Sanmai Soba from Itoen that takes hot water add to the bowl and leave for 3 min. This is one of my favorite instant food to eat for it's buckwheat noodles. When on sale it's 1.79 with usual cost is 2.99, so it's a great bargain. I but them from Marukai Wholesale Mart, which is a members only store or Don Quiote which has it on sale for 1.99 or in store special for 2.50. 2012_8_29_847_001. Now for a meat lover's microwave meal how about roast beef and mashed potatoes just pop in microwave and meal is ready. This goes on sale all the time.
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