[US Only] 31% Off 300ml Color Changing Aroma Diffuser - $25ac

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    Hey guys,

    Found this on sale and just wanna share here with you.

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    offers the 300ml color changing diffuser for $25 now, after coupon code: GTCKO86O

    Saving $10.99 OFF and cut price to $25.
    Eligible free shipping w/ Amazon Prime or on orders $35+.

    Details on page:
    • 7 Colorful LED Lights, each color has bright and slight types. The light colors will change successively and start over again. It is a good idea to use a as a night light. Beautiful and Romantic.
    • Large 300ml water capacity: Diffusing large mist and can continue use up to 10 hours each time. Humidification square is 20-30 meters. Application: living room, bed room, office, yoga, home decor, etc.
    • Large Mist: Using high quality ultrasonic atomizing sheet. It can create a lovely mist that helps to humidify the air. For those who desire only a small amount of oil to be diffused in a room, this type of diffuser not only works well but can be very beautiful as well.
    • Powerful features: 4 timer settings so you can more fully control the output and timing of your diffuser. When the time is up or water is run out of, the diffuser can shut off automatically.
    • Different form traditional way of heating, combustion type hot fog, the Cold Fog Technology does not harm the essential oil of any ingredients, no secondary pollution and Safer.