5 Ways To Save Big On Last Minute Cruises

Discussion in Travel started by H.C. Heartland • Apr 16, 2015.

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    May 8, 2014
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    My family is saving to try and go on a cruise next year and I have been following this site. Today there came an article on last minute deals. To read the full article you can go to Cruisecritic.com But the article suggested the following:
    1. Know when final payment is due
    2. Embrace re positioning cruises
    3. Drive to the port (I think my husband and I might have to do this one)
    4. Don't be picky about cruise choices
    5. Chose off season.
    Does anyone else have any tips that might help us? Some in our family will be able to afford more than we will so I'm hoping to be able to get the cheapest room on board, not to excursions, etc. But any additional advice would be very desperately appreciated. Its my husbands parents 50th wedding anniversary so we feel we must go but aren't sure how we are going to afford it.