75% Off Sale For Connectify Hotspot Pro And Max Lifetime

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    Connectify Hotspot is having a really big sale right now at 75% off for their PRO and MAX Lifetime licenses. This software basically turns your PC into a wireless router, repeater, etc. It’s really great if you’re traveling because you can use just one login in a hotel room or flight, for example, and connect all your wireless devices (cell phones, tablets, other laptops, etc) to your laptop and save a ton of money. If you’re a student working on a group project, everyone can stay connected, even if you’re not in the library. It makes work and play so much more convenient wherever you are. Go check out the deal!

    Pricing -

    Hotspot Lifetime Max for 3 PC's - $15
    Hotspot Max Lifetime 1PC - $12.50, 2016 version only $8,75
    Hotspot Pro Lifetime 1PC - $8.75, 2016 version only $5

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