A Cheap Alternative To Torrid

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What are Your Favorite Places for Plus-Size Clothing?

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  1. Lane Bryant

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  2. Ashley Stewart

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  3. Katherine's

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  4. Department Store (Macy's, Nordstrom)

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  5. Off-Price Retailer (TJ Maxx, Marshall's)

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  1. jneanz

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    Apr 4, 2014
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    These people creep me out. Back when I was going to work every day, their clothes were a little too youthful for the office. Now that I work and study at home, I have a little more freedom and prefer to look "vibrant". Anyway, they got my email from a visit I made to Forever 21 in the same mall (my bad for using mall WI-Fi).

    One day, I got an email alert that was too good to pass up. I needed some clothes quick and a BOGO sale was perfect. Long story short, $65 is a bit much for two skirts made of see-through jersey material. Is there anything better for those who are size 16+ besides Nordstrom?
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