A cheap nail art glue that works well.

Discussion in Product Reviews started by Arty Girl • Jul 6, 2013.

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    Jun 22, 2013
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    I finally got to try BYB Bond Nail Glue to mend a crack in my natural nails and I'm happy to say that it works very well. It is fast setting and cheap compared to the 3ml Kiss Nail Glue sold at stores here in Australia.

    The BYB glue also comes with a nail polish brush in its lid making the glue easy to apply. It enables you to get the glue right into the crack to mend it. Acetone removes the glue.

    It's always a shame to have to cut long nails, that have taken weeks to grow, when a crack appears in one of them.

    BYB Glue (Product Code #2894) is available on-line from Born Pretty Store at US$1.39 for a 10ml bottle and shipping is free worldwide. It takes between 2-3 weeks for delivery to Australia.