A Quick Tip For Shopping On Hsn & Qvc

Discussion in Shopping Discussion started by Kathryn M. • Sep 16, 2015.

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    QVC and HSN are two of my favorite places to shop for fun and unique items. I have my favorite hosts and brands on there that I shop with all the time. Some of the brands on both networks have their own websites. If you see an item on HSN or QVC, check to see if the brand has it's own website before buying it on HSN or QVC. You may be able to find the item cheaper on the brand's own website.

    For example, I love the Melt Down Cleansers from Signature Club A on HSN. The owner of the brand has her own website with all of her products on there as well as on HSN. I can often times find the same products that are on HSN on the brand's website for a cheaper than what I'd pay at HSN.

    So if you se a product on HSN or QVC check to see if the brand has it's own website. You may be able to get it cheaper directly from the brand itself.
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