Actress Lupita Nyong Dress Stolen And Recovered

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    I remember last week someone here did a post abotu what fashions we loved on the Oscar Red Carpter. I mentioned the pearl encrested gown worn by last years Best Supporting Actress winner Lupita Nyong, which was stunning on her and anyone who saw the awards ceremony like I did know it was one of the talked about dresses of the evening. You can even find photos of the gown online if you didn't happen to see it.

    Anyway, just two days after making this comment here I found out that the dress was stolen from Nyong's hotel room. Why anyone would take it was antoher story, it wasn't like they could sell the dress because it was way too well known. But apparently there was something else that they might have wanted from the dress, yes, the pearls, all 6000 of them. Well, now its being reported that the dress has been found with some of the pearls missing. But get this apparently those pearls weren't the real thing. Yes, they were culture pearls, not real ones and I find myself laughing at the crooks, did they honestly think that the pearls on this dress were real? I knew the minute I saw the dress that odds were the pearls were fake, the only reason the dress was so expensive was the amount of work that was done on it along with the the fact that is was cotoure.

    Well, if the dress have been found, I am glad about that. But I still want to know who would actually have the guts to still such a well known dress to start with.

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    It's so sad that a wearable work of art was defaced. Hopefully they can repair the dress.
    Some criminals are so stupid.