Affordable steel safe available at lazada Philippines- A Review

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    Since my mom died and my dad left for the states to earn alone for the entire family, we been receiving a lot of money from my parents’ few franchises here in Manila. Since my sisters and I are barely of legal age, we haven’t really learned the ropes in the family business. By the end of each week, my uncle, my mom’s eldest brother, would visit The House and collect all the money that arrives in the house. We initially kept it in a luggage bag so no one at home would know besides me and my sister where the money is. But there was a time some of the money in one of the envelopes from our usual developer went missing. My sisters and I didn’t know who took it.

    It was so bad that we even started pointing fingers at each other which completely disappointed my dad. My uncle advised us to get a safe that only the three of us would know but because none of us had the time for that kind of errand and quite frankly, we did not know where to look, we decided to search online. We have heard of Lazada because one of my cousins hosted an event with them as one of the sponsors. My sisters and I thought of buying something like what Pink Panther would try to open with a stethoscope but we later on realized how complicated that would be in the long run. My sisters and I decided to get a digital safe instead but it was all too pricy. Lazada had an electronic safe that was only worth a little above a thousand pesos. It wasn’t digital but it had keypads which was all we needed to make the opening part a lot easier. When my sisters and I were trying to come up with a combination, we first thought of getting the last digits of the years of our birthday. But my uncle told us it would be too predictable so we ended up just making use of our favorite numbers that hopefully no one else knows about. I really advise people who are forced to manage money that aren’t theirs but do not have the time to deposit to banks each time to buy their own safes. It’s a lot better than having to stress over whether or not the bank of their choice is already near closing.

    Honestly, I feel a lot cooler having one at home. It makes me feel like I’m super rich or I have so money to spend when in reality, my dad would kill me if I spent even just a centavo. The safe we got was a lot cheaper than those high techs but it serves the same purpose and kind of protection we need. It also has a lot of combinations possible so it can last a lifetime in your family and you need not repeat any combination as long as you live. Actually, if you think about it, it’s something you can pass on from generation to generation. Just as long as you know how to take care of it.