Agendas - Obsolete Or No?

Discussion in Office Supplies started by Miaka_M • May 17, 2015.

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    When I was younger technology hadn't advanced as much as it had today. We relied on simple inventions like a paper and pencil to record things, and snail mail to send things. Now with the innovations of these high tech cell phones and ipads along with calendar apps, do you still use an agenda or do you just plug in everything to your device?

    Personally, I like writing everything down and checking it off manually because it just doesn't feel the same if I use a gadget. I've tried using my phone a couple times but I found that I would just ignore the reminders. But, with something like a paper list, it'll just stare me square in the face if I stick it on a wall. You can't stick your phone on the wall the same way.

    Do you prefer an agenda or do you use your device?
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    For schedule planning, I used google's calendar synched to my phone. But there are a lot of things I don't put on the schedule or schedule vaguely. In the mornings, when I first get up, I create a written to-do list. Writing the list seems to focus me much more than typing it or putting it in a checklist app. For instance, I have a block of time daily that I label "housework" but each day, I have to decide what to do with that time block.

    I also have a paper monthly/weekly calendar that I use. The days on the monthly calendar part are filled with letters, numbers, and symbols that are my personal code and mostly note when I did things, not when things need to be done. Example: when did I last put fuel in the truck? Or did I exercise on a given day? The weekly sections have details to match the symbols. Example: On a specific date, I put X amount of fuel in the truck and it cost me $Y and my fuel mileage on the previous tank was Z. Or my exercise was a 10-mile round trip bike ride that took me X amount of time.
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    I use the planning/scheduling/list making apps available on my phone. I have them synced up with my computer and my husband's phone and computer so we always know each others schedules. We've tried to get our kids to use the technology to organize their schoolwork and due dates and such, but their schools actually require them to have an old-fashioned agenda planner to keep track of assignments, so we still have the paper agendas floating around.
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