Almost Free Acetone Pads

Discussion in Hot Deals started by Deeishere • Jul 1, 2016.

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    Feb 22, 2016
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    RA wipes. If you have a Rite Aid in your area this is a super deal. A small one but close to free. Rite Aid has their brand called, Renewal nail polish remover pad. They are single square packets found in the aisle where the polish is located. In my store, they were in a plastic container. You buy 3 and get 200 points ($2.00 store credit). You can do this deal up to 4 times. The packets are .49 cents each and the sale is buy one, get one half price. The best way to do this deal is to buy 12 of them. You will pay, $8.76 and get back $8.00 in store credit. Since I already had store credit, I used it to pay for this and got my money right back. :cool: