Amateur League Games?

Discussion in Sports & Fitness started by Denis Hard • Sep 29, 2014.

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    Everyone has some team they support, a pro player they like, etc. But it doesn't mean those pro-players are the best at the sport. Some people who are just as talented may not have been noticed when they were younger or they just didn't want to be in the spotlight and for that reason didn't bother trying to get a spot in teams . . . they didn't get noticed, so the story goes.

    Over the weekend I stumbled in a football/soccer game. The players were young [teens] and I really enjoyed the game. It reminded of the days when I used to be a fan of a team that played in the amateur league in our town. To be honest, I think I enjoyed watching those games more than I do, when I watch the English premier league because I was out there cheering for my team.

    I decided there and then that each weekend, I'll go watch the kids play.

    For the sports fans here, would you consider, watching free amatuer league games to save cash?
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    I think it is a great idea and personally I think AAA teams or local teams at times have a pure motive as opposed to national teams who often sell themselves to commercial pursuits. There are also a growing number of women's leagues that show tremendous talent for the true sports fan who can overlook gender. Not only is supporting such events cheaper, it is a nice way to support local commerce and thus your own economy because you will be buying from local vendors, eating local foods, and speaking with your neighbors in the community.
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    I love amateur leagues because they provide high quality entertainment for comparatively little cost. It's also a great event to bring family along with and provides for a great family bonding experience. It's also a different experience live than being in the stadium for pro games; the atmosphere is really tight-knit and mostly everyone knows each other. Definitely a fun way to spend the weekend.
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