Another Year Of Cable Television

Discussion in Phone, Internet & TV started by Diane Lane • Nov 24, 2015.

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    Aug 23, 2015
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    Well we have cable at home and no computers so we'll stick with cable. What happyflowerlady said makes sense if you're in the right locale for the antenna to connect to. I was watching the commercials for the new antennas and it's so simple, slim and seems to work. We don't have a choice yet for we don't have computers of any kind at home and the prices of cable does climb all the time. I asked them if they had Senior Citizen discounts, they apologized and said no. The cable company is always ready to help in any repairs. I get to get on demand on the library computers too which works most of the time. I asked customer service about it and they said it's totally free to do so and is a perk for using cable. I like to watch NCIS and we are big fans of NCIS in Hawaii!
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    We got our antenna from Amazon, @Diane Lane@Diane Lane . If you just search for TV antennas, you will see the complete selection of both the indoor and outdoor ones.
    Our is called an Amplified HD Outdoor HDTV antenna, and was about $36 from Amazon, list price was around $100, if I recall right. There is a great selection on Amazon, and I think that you can easily find one that is in your price range and also easy enough for you to install.
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    @Happyflowerlady@Happyflowerlady Thanks, I have looked into Magic Jack and others. I have been using Basic Talk for a few years now, and am pretty happy with it. It's a VOIP phone, which is what I had with my provider, except I'm saving about $17/month by using Basic Talk instead of the provider. I think I could save a little more money by using Magic Jack, but I don't want too many changes at once. Having one new piece of equipment is enough for me, and I might have to add one or two antennas into the mix, as well. I can always switch to Magic Jack at a later date if I don't need the phone service from the provider to avoid the unbundling fee. I'm still trying to figure out if I'll save money by keeping the basic cable, to avoid the unbundling fee, or if it would be better to switch back to the home phone from the provider, which I'm familiar with, since I had it before. Although I love the internet and new technology, sometimes I miss when there was one phone company, and no need for all this confusion.
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