Anyone Else Being Invaded By Ants

Discussion in Off Topic Discussion & General Questions started by Krissttina Isobe • Jun 9, 2017.

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    This year began as most, nothing unusual. Until I looked at my coffee after pouring my new coffee cremora I just got from Walmart the day before and saw ants swimming in my coffee. I opened the lid of the coffee cremora and saw ants enjoying themselves in my brand new cremora! I've read up on how to rid home of the invasion of ants, used vinegar and water mixture and they are decreasing, but look at what they already did! I kept my popped popcorn in my old empty Folger's container. I wanted to eat some popcorn, opened the lid and there was ants enjoying themselves in my popcorn! Is anyone else being invaded by ants? What's your remedy to stop invading ants?
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