Anyone Go To Sam's Club Just For The Samples?

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    A couple of months ago I worked on a temp job selling chocolates at a Sam's location. They give out a lot of samples, especially on the weekends. One day I noticed this guy with his 2 kids taking samples. I didn't think much of it at first but then I saw them coming back several times. They kept trying samples for at least 3 hours. I know because they were there at 10 AM when I started my shift and still hadn't left when I took my lunch break. It got me thinking about why they were there. Maybe then were in need and didn't have much food at home. That's the only thing I could come up with. I would hate to think that this guy was just abusing the whole free samples thing. I felt kind of bad for the kids but in these situations you never know whether to say something or not. I would hate to offend someone by offering them some food only to find out that they are not in need.
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    Well, even if they are, taking free samples is not the way to feed your family. I am surprised they didn't go over some of the situations you might face giving samples and let you know how to deal with them. I think I would have reported it to my superior. I think these kinds of things might happen more often than you think.
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    well ok I confess we have Costco similiar to Sam's almost exact same theory. We have gone to the store strictly for the $1.50 hot dog and soda with four kid at home yeah cheap and easy im going that way. Unfortunately we usually wonder the store and always hit the samples ,yes sometimes more than once .In my defense it has led to several sales for the vendor most of which never taste the same when I cook them at home.

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    I don't understand people like you. I don't understand the mentality that makes people snitch on people in need or report people who might be having a hard time. When I was briefly homeless for 3 months in the 1990s, there were always people like you who would report me if I sat in a fast food place too long after eating, or if I sat in my storage unit to rest, or if I brushed my teeth in a public bathroom.

    What do you get out of reporting a family that took too many free samples because they might be low on food?
    Do you think it makes you a kind of deputy police officer? Do you hate poor people? Do you feel a duty to crack down on people that you think are getting away with something?

    When I came across a homeless woman at the library ,I gave her $10 and the phone numbers of some shelters.
    That was all the cash I had available at the time. You probably would have told the library staff to kick her out. I don't understand people who feel like it's their job to catch poor people in the act of survival and block them from sitting down too long or eating too many samples.

    My friends Linda, Sandy and Marc are homeless and they constantly have to deal with people snitching on them. Sandy lives in her car with her two dogs and has woken up many mornings to a police officer looking in her car window because someone called the cops on her.

    What do you get out of reporting people?
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    No, I don't go to Sam's Club just for the samples. I will admit it's a nice little perk. I always get excited when there's something I really want to try that is being offered as a sample. Along with the café in Sam's Club it can come in handy when you're really hungry. I have no doubt that some people abuse it, though. Whenever something is offered free in our society, people tend to go crazy.