Are slimming belts effective?

Discussion in Sports & Fitness started by lindbergh • Apr 24, 2014.

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    I was watching TV with my girl yesterday when a commercial which caught the eye of my special someone flashed on screen - an electronic slimming belt. I have seen a lot of these being advertised in the past. I never took interest in these before and so did my girl. However, she's been developing beer belly recently and she wants it to go away. Do you think that slimming belts are effective for eliminating fat and making the tummy slim?
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    No. That is probably the shortest answer I have ever written. Calories in - Calories out = net calories. These belts do little to increase your output of calories unless they are really heavy and you drag them up a lot of stairs or hills. Nothing that I am aware of can target specific fat loss. We all will burn fat in in our own way but generally it will burn off the entire body rather than a specific area. If the objective is to lose fat then you need to move more and eat (or drink beer) less. This won't target belly fat but it will burn it off all over.

    The human body draws energy from its easiest source, not the closest.
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