ASOT trading!

Discussion in As Seen on TV started by Deana • Aug 31, 2012.

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    Aug 27, 2012
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    There should be an As Seen On TV trading website. Then those of us who get sucked in by the advertisements can try stuff, use it, realize it's never as good as the commercial makes it seem, then trade with someone else who bought that other product we are dying to try and figured out the same thing.

    Okay, I 'm mostly kidding because I know the sellers want to make money. But man, I wish I had half the money back that I've spent on impulse buys from TV. I've bought enough stuff to know better, yet I'll see the next commercial and think "maybe this one is the one that will work. It looks SOOOO cool!"

    I don't think I'll ever learn. If any of you come up with a new product, call me, I'm sure to buy it and try it! :p