Atkins Mac And Cheese - Noodles Don't Have To Be Off-limits When Eating Low-carb!

Discussion in Food & Drink started by Natasha0717 • Apr 4, 2017.

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    I'm not a fan of frozen foods, but I do eat Atkins brand (because I focus so much on low-carb eating.) The frozen Atkins Mac and Cheese Entree truly is the best-tasting mac and cheese out there, whether you're eating low-carb or not. I highly-suggest it. And the best places to get it (at a cheaper rate) - Walmart and Meijer. Kroger's prices for this product are a bit pricey: $3.99 each. :eek: Try to stick to the other 2 places. Their breakfasts aren't bad either. ;)

    atkins mac and cheese.
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    Thanks for sharing this. I might give it a try sometime. I usually make my own stuff pretty often, but I'm always on the look out for good low carb meal suggestions. This could work when I need something quick or when I crave something that's more along the lines of "comfort food."

    I haven't really tried many Atkin's products, so it's nice to hear that they actually taste good.

    I usually skip the pasta and replace it with "zoodles" or other vegetable noodles, but I have been thinking that mac and cheese sounds pretty good lately. This might just cure the craving. I'll have to check the label first though.

    I will definitely try Walmart or another store first. I don't have Kroger close by anyway, but yeah, that's too pricey for a bowl of macaroni and cheese.

    Do you ever see coupons for low carb foods? I don't get too many, so I watch out for sales mostly.
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