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    I've banked with Barclays for years and a few months ago started with their Blue Rewards scheme.

    The scheme rewards you when you meet different criteria or use their services.
    For the average earner, it beats any interest you'd get from a current account:
    1. To qualify for £7 a month reward - have at least £800 going into you account monthly and at least 2 direct debits
    2. To qualify for another £5 a month - have your mortgage done with them
    3. To qualify for another £3 a month - have your house or contents insurance done with them
    4. CASHBACK - This is my reason for having Blue Rewards - selected online shops will give you cashback if you pay for things using your Barclays account
    I currently only qualify for the £7 a month but am very active using the cashback scheme.
    Currently the friendliness of the cashback system isn't 100%.
    You have to sign Into The Blue Rewards section of Barclays, this requires using your Pin Sentry device - and then click on the required shop you plan to buy from - the shop list is limited but is always growing.
    My bank did promise me that eventually cashback will be offered in real life stores when you use your current account card to pay, no ETA on this though.

    The system could be friendlier but can't knock it as the cashback I've recieved is from 1% up to 8%.

    Only one slight catch to it: the scheme does cost £3 a month to have.

    If anyone has any questions about my experiences with it, please fire away :)