Base Coat and Top Coat Duo for fingernails

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    Base Coat : This comes in a 15ml glass bottle with a good brush and is a pale shade of pink. It contains oil and calcium and acts as good undercoat for the nails, prior to applying nail art paint, nail polish, nail stickers or nail water decals. It prevents dark nail polish from staining the nails by forming a barrier between the nail polish and the nail. Unlike other brands of clear base coat that I have used, this has a more watery consistency resulting in quite a thin layer of base coat being applied to the nail. It's unlike any other base coat (in consistency) that I possess and drying time is very quick. I like this product and consider the quality to be good.

    Top Coat : This comes in a 15 ml glass bottle with a good brush, is colourless and contains vitamin E and other ingredients to help harden nails. I apply this using one (on top of base coat or nail polish without nail decorations) or two (especially when sealing nail art stickers) coats. It is used to seal artwork and add gloss. To refresh a 3 day old polished manicure, I re-apply a fresh layer of top coat. Drying time is average. As this is not a non-chip formula, wearing away of the top coat at the edges of the nail is noticeable after 4 or 5 days if top coat is not reapplied. A reasonable product.

    The above two items are available from Born Pretty Store and for the price, relatively cheap compared to similar products on sale in Australia. The existing Code ANNG10, placed with an order entitles the buyer to 10% off items not already on sale. This Code has no expiry date. DSCF6507.