[US Only] Baskin & Robins Ice Cream On The 31st Special Price

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    I just got my birthday club join at Baskin-Robins! I'm glad I joined. I thought that ever since I have to watch my sugar intake ice cream was no longer in my diet. Then I go to Safeway and found no sugar added ice creams! After I joined Baskin-Robins birthday club I began to ask if they got any sugar free ice creams. Well, I found Baskin-Robin's has no sugar added ice cream on 2 flavors so far that's on their site with sugar listed as 4g! Wonderful!!! What's even better Baskin-Robins

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    1.31 per scoop and 2 scoops sundae for 3.31! Our Baskin-Robins at Kamehameha Shopping Center has the special every 31st of months that has 31 days and lots of people enjoy a bit of ice cream and now so can I enjoy Baskin-Robins delicious ice cream! You can find the nutrition information on their site just put your cursor on the ice cream portion and a menu comes down with nutrition and you'll see all the information and numbers of their scrumptious ice cream that you need. Enjoy with me Baskin-Robins ice cream any day or for the special price of 1.31 a scoop on the 31 of months with 31 days! Check with your neighborhood's Baskin-Robin's for this terrific money saving deal!
    Premium Churned Reduced-Fat, No Sugar Added Caramel Turtle Truffle Ice Cream [​IMG] and2 s

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