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Discussion in Home & Garden started by Diane Lane • Jun 19, 2016.

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    Many people change out their bedding and other textiles seasonally, using heavier items in the cooler months, and lighter ones in the warmer months. I have some nice products that I purchased when I had more money, and since I swap my items out seasonally, Ii don't get tired of them as quickly as I might if I didn't do so.

    I have at least two bedspreads for each season, so one or more will stay in storage for a year, and when I pull the 'old' one out the following year after the weather changes, I'm excited to use it again. I typically use neutral curtains that will match most colors, but the last time I bought curtains, I decided to match the bedspread I was using, so I bought light blue curtains. When I replaced the bedspread with the one from storage, the curtains didn't match, so I bought a cheap set, since I'm on a tight budget. It's rare when strangers are in my bedroom anyway, and all I wanted was a bit of color.

    I washed the blue curtains and swapped them out with the ones I had been using in the office, which the cats had scratched. I love how the color looks in here, and as a bonus, this window faces East, and I just noticed that the slight color in them seems to filter the light and heat enough to keep the room cooler. I love that I spent $10 on a pair of curtains, transformed two rooms, and possibly lowered my electric bill.

    How do you save money on bedding and textiles?
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    I only tend to buy bedding in sales anyway so this way I can save some money on whatever I buy. I usually get pillows cases in fairly neutral colours (although I do have some bright red ones that only cost £0.10 each, so I can't complain anyway!) so that they'll go with whatever bedding I have on the bed at the time. I bought a load of throws off of Amazon a couple of years ago in the Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales that were £2 each in a variety of colours and I use these to add some colour and make it warmer and cosier in there in the winter months too.

    I only actually have one set of curtains for my bedroom though. The window in there goes from floor to ceiling all along one wall, so it's a pretty huge window, and getting some that actually fit can be difficult and expensive. So I only got one set, make a point of getting them entirely washed in one day and back up again. For that reason I opted for a neutral colour for those.

    If I end up with something that really doesn't go with anything, or ends up ripped or beyond repair somehow, I end up making it into bedding for my dogs and cat. I usually keep old pillows when I get new ones and I use these as dog beds too, so while not exactly the sort of saving you're talking about with the bedding itself, it does make the pillows have a use for longer too!