Best Books on the JFK Assassination

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    Like millions of other people, I find certain historical mysteries to be quite compelling. Clearly one of the biggest is the mystery of the truth behind the assassination of John F. Kennedy. There are probably more theories and guesses out there than there are people in this country. Several years back I bought a hardback copy of the Robert Groden book "The Killing of a President", and personally I find it one of the most interesting books I've looked through on the assassination. Full of old documentation, and so much information and photos around the assassination itself (and its aftermath, including JFK's autopsy), it really is fascinating reading. There may be some points here and there where I'm not really seeing what he suggests is there, but there's always that "could be" aspect to it too. I don't think I've found another book with so many photos and detailed information as this one. If there's one out there, let me know.