best brand of pellets fro puppies?

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    Hi! Which brand has the best pellets for puppies? I have a 9 month old Maltese and I want to give her the best food there is.
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    There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a healthy and responsive diet for your puppy. The first thing to consider is the ingredients in the package. There are a lot of companies who put products into the food that are either not required (fillers) or could, in large amounts, be dangerous for your pooch. The absolute top foods can be very costly though. Wellness is a great brand. It ranks in the top 10 on most pet-food-rating sites. It's grain free and provides different flavors and formulas so that your small one can have variety. Generally dogs enjoy this food. Merrick is another great brand of food that is also grain-free and provides different options. These two foods are my all-time favorite. If you can't afford these then a lower-cost food such as Taste of the Wild is a great alternative. It's not the absolute best but it's certainly far better than a grocery store brand.

    A grain-free food can be a life-altering change for a dog. Dogs often have allergies to the corn and wheat inside of dog food and this causes reactions we don't normally think about otherwise. Hot spots, itching, vomiting, and diarrhea are all side affects of these allergies. There's also a lot less puppy/dog flatulence when using a grain-free diet. Grains aren't meant to be processed by their body so the body puts out a lot more gas as the food passes the digestion phase.

    Something to remember when feeding a grain-free diet is your dog may still seem "hungry" after eating the food. This is because your dog needs less of a grain-free food than they do of a grain-filled food. Remember, grain is a filler. It's there to make your dog feel as if he is finished eating. So certainly follow the instructions on whatever food you get.

    You may notice that a lot of these high-quality foods do not have a puppy formula. There's a good reason for that! In the wild, after weaning, puppies are simply fed meat. They are given the exact thing the adults eat. The adults will go out and hunt their food, then return and regurgitate it for the pups. In this way the pups are getting the same nutrition as the adult animals and grow normally. Some puppy formulas will cause puppies to grow too much too fast. This results in bone problems later in life. Once a puppy is weaned he should be fine starting on one of these diets. Grain free is already packed with more protein.

    If you want to go completely 100% health-aware for your puppy a RAW or BARF diet may interest you. It entails feeding your puppy raw meats, bones, veggies, and other essential things. This is equally as costly as the top-notch dog food brands though. One huge benefit is the bones in a RAW/BARF diet keep your pooch's teeth more clean than any dental toy on the market. You can find more information on a RAW or BARF diet on these pages:

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