Best dental insurances?

Discussion in Life & Health Insurance started by Mayvin • Aug 23, 2014.

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    Curious to know what dental insurance you all have and if your happy with it? I'll be the first to admit that I needed to be going to the dentist more than I had been and recently found out that I have like 6 cavities and literally all you know what broke loose in my mouth and now have thousands of dollars worth of dental work that needs done. Dental insurance which only covers up to 1200 a year would be a total joke for me... I'm just going to head to a low cost clinic but curious to know if your dental insurance plan works for you?
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    Best Dental Benefit

    I am from the Philippines, insurance coverage for dental in our country usually includes the following; 2 oral prophylaxis a year, unlimited tooth extraction as long as not impacted, unlimited temporary fillings and sometimes one or two surfaces of light cure fillings. These are usually riders for our health insurance. Knowing that we are in the Philippines, health insurances here are cheaper compared to the US and Europe. With these kind of benefits, I bet I get the best Dental benefit.
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