Best items to get rid of monsters

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    My child is scared at night and I have bought her things over the years to try and convince her that it would get rid of the monsters she was so adamant that were waiting to get her. Like a flashlight, a nightlight, a cuddly stuffed animal that would protect her, and a spray bottle I filled with water and put monster be gone on it. I was wondering if anyone else has bought items to keep there children from being afraid at night.
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    At one time I watched a video with my little niece. Somewhere in the video there was a frame-freeze on the classic picture of a red devil with a pitch-fork. The mother told the kid that if she was bad, that creature would come for her [the kid]. From then on, the child wouldn't go anywhere unaccompanied because the devil could be lurking anywhere waiting to whisk her away.

    It become a problem. So finally I had to practically prove to the child that there was no devil coming for her any day. I showed her similar pictures in books, on shirts and told her to beat one of the 'bad devils.' She did. Gradually she began to lose her fear and eventually she could walk into a dark room alone again.

    It's not the items themselves that will help a child overcome his/her fear of monsters. Try other strategies to make the child lose that fear because it's all in the mind. You could use whatever items you have as props for the lessons [there's no need to acquire new ones].
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    How did the water bottle with the label work? I figured I would just make a "monster spray" label for the compressed air can if the time comes when my son is afraid of monsters. Or maybe on the Febreeze? I know there is no reason to buy the factory-issue monster spray. Though, whoever thought of it first is a genius like the person who created the pet rock.
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    I have 4 children and we have gone through the exact same things with all of them. I think each child is different, but the thing that worked best for us was "monster spray"!! I actually found it in a store already made and it had the cutest label on it. The kids loved it too! Each night they couldn't wait to walk in their room before hopping into bed and spraying it all around the room. It was so cute really! They would especially spray it under their bed. :) Along with the spray we even did a " monster dance" ! A cute dance we made up that the monsters didn't like. :)

    It worked for us and they had many good nights! ( us too! :) :) :) )
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