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    As a mom who uses disposable diapers for my little one, I am always looking for ways to save money on diapers and wipes. It is a part of my grocery budget that simply cannot be cut out, but I'm always looking for ways to save here. After all, this is literally money you're throwing away in the end!

    I most often buy diapers and wipes at Meijer. I try to pair the sales with the mperks coupons, and at the very least I always have $1 off coupon on Luvs diapers. I don't particularly care for Luvs, however they seem to consistently be the cheapest brand when considering cost per diaper. I am not a brand snob, I'll use whatever brand gets the job done! Another thing I like about Meijer is their Baby Rewards program, where after you spend so much, you get money back on your next purchase.

    From what I have read online, some moms have success ordering diapers on Amazon. Others play the drugstore game with rewards points. What are the ways that you save on diapers? What is the best deal that you have found?
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    I always bought by kids' diapers at Costco. I found you couldn't beat the prices. They sell them in the extra large cases so they would last a good while. When there were store coupons for diapers I would stock up on the next size diapers. They always carried Pampers, Huggies and I hear the Kirkland diapers are good too. They also sell the baby wipes in big boxes too. That being said if I had a Pampers coupon and a drug store had them on sale I would pick up a pack that way and earn reward points at the drug store.
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    I haven't heard of Meijer, but I know there are a lot of coupons you can get to save money on diapers and wipes. I always shop at Walmart and get Parent's Choice. I don't like the Huggies, I think the product stinks. If I don't get Parent's Choice I'll get Luv's. They're not that bad. Also once in a while I'll get them at King Soopers the grocery store, but they're usually a much better price at Walmart.
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