Best Potty Training Pants?

Discussion in Toys, Kids & Baby Stuff started by Destiny • Jan 18, 2016.

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    Nov 15, 2015
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    My daughter is almost two... So, we've started potty training. Once she gets a little more regular with using the potty I'm going to switch her to pull up type underwear. You guys know the best and cheapest brand to go with? Are Pull Ups the best?
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    If you are a at-home mom and don't mind washing I believe that cotton training pants with a protective covering during the day are the best at saving money when potty training. A child will not only learn to use the potty but dressing and undressing as well. The savings would allow you to purchase other items for potty training such as a diaper pail, wipes and a pack of pull-ups for night time and when you're on the go.

    If you are a mother who works outside the home then any pull-up brand available that fits your budget would be best and convenient. Getting the appropriate size though is not always a good thing because sometimes they are a bit snug and may prove to be a struggling period for the mom rather than a learning period for the toddler. Try getting the best size that will fit your toddler. I think that even with the lesser priced brands of pull-ups it still can become expensive.
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    When I potty trained my boys I used Pull Ups. They are great. My boys especially liked the designs on them, I think it was Cars or Buzz Lightyear. To save money I would always buy them on sale or use coupons. Costco also sell them so you can a big box of them at a very reasonable price. The best thing about using Pull ups is if your daughter catches on quickly to using the potty you don't use them for very long. My son was quick to use the potty during the day it was at night we used a pull up as he was a sound sleeper and rarely woke up to go to the bathroom.
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