Best-tasting, And Cheapest Spaghetti Sauce??

Discussion in Food & Drink started by Natasha0717 • Jan 27, 2018.

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    Nov 2, 2016
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    You all know, I like to keep my carbs low-to-moderate, and today I bought something at Kroger That I have never tried before. (Still a bit afraid to try it, but will tomorrow night!) It's for a lower-carb spaghetti sauce, and I went for Hunt's. I searched every label in the spaghetti sauce aisle and this one (even though they don't advertise it as lower sugar, lower carb) - really WAS lower sugar....and less carbs too! But this was the biggest surprise. At check-out, it only came out to 99 cents! Now that's a deal.
    So now let's see how it tastes.....will report back. :D
    Have you ever made any pasta dishes with Hunt's tomato sauce? How did it taste? Bland/boring/bitter? Because of the low-carb/sugar content? I'm excited to find out.
    What's your favorite spaghetti sauce? Is it cost-efficient like Hunt's?
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    Garlic Pasta is the cheapest. You won't even need to buy canned sauce. All you needed is garlic, oil and cheese. It sounds simple but it is very tasty for something with 3 ingredients.

    If you want it to have less calories, use olive oil and if you want it richer, use butter. Garlic sauce pasta is very tasty.