Beware Of Phishing Scams!

Discussion in Bank Accounts started by luckycharm • Oct 14, 2016.

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    Oct 5, 2016
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    Once I got a mail from my bank saying that my account is facing some issues and I need to login to the account and re-validate some information. They also sent a link to go to login page. That time I was not that much informed of various scams and I clicked on the link. I landed up on the bank’s login page and I was least suspicious. But I was fortunate to look at the address bar and found that the site doesn’t start with “https” but with “http”. There is also no padlock sign in the bar. I sense the danger and suddenly closed the site. I just forwarded this mail to the bank’s customer care team who confirmed me that it was a phishing attempt.

    Had I logged in without checking the credentials I would have lost a considerable amount of money. So some small steps can go a long way in ensuring safe online banking.

    Have you ever experienced any phishing attempts?
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    In this day and age, I wouldn't be surprised if everyone who does online banking will have experienced some sort of phishing or another. While it might seem very basic advice, even no it still works and just simply don't click on any links via an email. Any email that your bank or any other financial institution sends you, you'll also be able to access via your own personal account as well, so just close the email and open up your online banking from your browser as normal instead.

    At least that way you know that wherever the email as come from, and even though it might well be your bank, they won't have any external leaks of your account or security due to email encryption not being good enough and that's how phishing emails work primarily.
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    For already a year, I have been receiving a similar email supposedly coming from UCPB, it is a popular commercial bank here. The email is asking for a confirmation otherwise the bank account will be closed. I don't have an account with that bank so it is obvious to me that it is a phishing or scam email. But how about for those clients of UCPB? By the way, UCPB stands for United Coconut Planters Bank.
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