Birthday gift idea for my husband

Discussion in Gifts & Flowers started by whnuien • May 2, 2014.

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    May 2, 2014
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    My husband's birthday is coming up and I still have no idea what to get him. I initially thought I'd get him a new trainers as the old one is just useless now but I found out yesterday that he already ordered a new one because he was getting a bit desperate :( He plays football a lot but I don't think he needs anything else for his favourite sport at the moment. I have already bought him T-shirt, socks, ties, and few other things as we've been together for 9 years now and I don't want to give him the same thing.

    What do you guys buy for your husband's birthday gift? what is your suggestion? I know my husband would always say it's okay and there is no need but it is just a simple thing that makes us all happy. I'll be waiting for your suggestions. Thanks in advance!