Boingo Wireless Anyone?

Discussion in Digital & Web TV started by ohiotom76 • Feb 27, 2014.

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    I originally came across Boingo when I was on a flight and was kind of being nosey over a guy sitting near me. I noticed he was somehow browsing the web from his laptop while we were in flight, which I did not think was possible. That's when I saw him logging into to Boingo so I decided to check them out.

    They basically offer wireless internet access all over the place if you are in one of their "hot spots" which tend to be airports and hotels, as well as flights apparently. I was never able to get their services to work in suburb or rural areas, but I had an account with them for a while that I used when travelling. It was much more dependable than trying to go online at the airports and having them nickle and dime me with charges.

    I really wish they had better coverage, because $9.95 a month is a fantastic price compared to Time Warner and the like.