Bookworm Adventures

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    Anyone here played this game like I have. The original game came out years ago and its about a worm known as Lexx who sets out on an adventure through story books. Along the way Lexx must do battle with various individuals. The way Lexx does this is by spelling words the larger the word the more attack Lexx has. The game is not only fun and challenging but also quite educatioal in teachings kids about spelling words.

    I found out that there is a new version of this game called Bookworm Adventures 2, but I have yet to purchase it. The main reason being some of the reviews I have read have been mixed about the newer version. So, I am still up in the air about having this new edition. In any case I found Bookworm Adventures to be a fun game, and would recommend it to anyone at any age. Yes, Lexx may do battle in it but its not too violent take my word on that.