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    Quick Dry Nail Art Pen : This item is excellent for creating the small uniform white dots as shown.
    Shaped like a pen, it is easy to use and comes in other colours besides white. The paint flows smoothly once the pen tip is pumped by pressing the pen tip on paper a few times. The paint dries quickly and is watersoluble so a layer of top coat is required to make designs made with this pen waterproof. I am impressed and very pleased with this item because finer dots and lines can be achieved than with using a nail art brush; also less hand control. Drawing nail art designs becomes a quicker and easier process. I am so pleased with this item, which I consider very good quality, that I intend on purchasing the whole range of colours.

    Tip: To make uniform dots, ensure that the pen is angled 90 degrees to the surface of the nail so that the tip is flat against the nail when the pen is pumped. Each pump allows paint to form at the pen tip thus leaving a dot when the pen is removed.

    I named this nail art design “Delicate in White”. Base Coat was applied to clean dry unpolished nails followed by the application of the white lace water decal. Next the white dots were made with a quick dry nail art pen and the process completed with Top Coat.

    All the items used are available from Born Pretty Store. The existing Code ANNG10, placed with an order entitles the buyer to 10% off items not already on sale. This Code has no expiry date.

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