Braun Multiquick 7 Kitchen Appliance.

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    My daughter just brought me her Braun Multiquick 7 kitchen appliance, and I am really impress with all of the things that this little gadget can do. it is a regular stick immersible blender, and also has a beater/whisker attachment, and one that is for mashing potatoes and similar items.
    Then it is also like a food processor, with an attachment that the top of the Braun connects with when you take off the stick blender bottom. With the food processor attachment, you can slice, chop, shred, and emulsify just about any food.
    it has several sizes of containers, and the whole ting is very lightweight and simple to use.
    I have not tried it yet; but I am looking forward to using it, and think that this will be a great addition to my kitchen.
    Here is a quick video that shows the Multiquick and what all it can do.
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