Budva, a great destination.

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    Most of you probably never heard of Budva, but it's getting pretty famous lately and I was there last year. It is in Montenegro and it is one of the best places in Balkans to visit during summer holidays.

    Personally I had a great experience. It is a great place for young people. A lot of parties everywhere, there are many clubs near the beach and you can really have a lot of fun there. I think that prices are not high at all, they are pretty normal for a tourist destination such as this one. We have paid an apartment for two 30 Euros per night and it was a great hotel and it was near the beach.

    One thing I don't like though, the food in most places is not very good. You really have to go to the fancy restaurants in order to eat well and those places were really expensive.
    The beaches were absolutely great, many different variations and of course the best one was Sveti Stefan which is a few kilometers away from Budva.