Buying A Hat To Save On Shaving Costs

Discussion in Shopping Discussion started by remnant • Jan 25, 2018.

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    Where I come from, it costs $0.5 for a shave at most ordinary barber shops. Since my hair grows fast, I find it more economical to to buy a hat which will invariably conceal my unkempt hair. A good secondhand hat costs the same price and I bought one today. I now don't have to shave on a weekly basis like I used to do previously. What approaches do you employ to save on saving costs?
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    You have done a wise thing to buy a hat. It is neat when you wash it, comb it then press it down while still wet and let it dry. I have seen some people do that and they look neat.

    Hair grows faster and a hat can keep you from shaving for two to four weeks. My father always shaves while my brother invests in some weird hair styles which young campus men consider to be fashionable.
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