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    What are some things to look out for when buying a stroller?
    I've been checking a few out and the main differences I see are the sizes when folded (not too important) and just Fabric quality, which is obviously a major issue but I'm not sure how that justifies the wildly varying price differences I'm seeing, I must be missing something.
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    The decision of buying a stroller greatly depends on your lifestyle needs, the size of the child, and the . Some parents who are more active outdoors buy a jogging stroller, while others can manage with the more regular ones. Basically, these are the factors you should check when shopping for a stroller:

    seat and it padding

    The full-featured ones are more expensive but can keep the child seated for longer periods. The cheaper ones, such as the umbrella types are lighter but can only be used on a limited time, such as when you need to go for a quick trip to the grocery and you need to bring the child with you.
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    To start out, I would suggest buying a travel system. That is a car seat and stroller combo. It makes it very easy to get the stroller out of the car and pop it into the stroller when they are very young. Some people start out with buying a stroller and a convertible car seat but I don't recommend that. That means you have to carry (or wear if that's your thing) the baby everywhere you go since they can't sit up when they are that young. As my son got older, we would then take him out of the car seat and put him in the stroller and that was just as easy.

    Eventually, we had to buy a convertible car seat. However, we plan on having another baby before the first car seat expires so it was still a good investment and will come in handy. We still use the stroller that came with it though not as much. It does get quite bulk especially just for quick trips around the block. Recently, we bought an umbrella stroller. Its a much smaller, lightweight stroller that can be carried in one hand and works great for our walks. We still use the big stroller for such things as trips to the zoo.

    I guess it all depends on how much convenience you want. If you're okay with carrying the baby everywhere like inside stores, etc then by all means, just get the convertible seat (which will last a lot longer) and a separate stroller. If you like being able to carry the baby in his own seat (great for restaurants) then I suggest going with the travel system. I do definitely suggest that when the baby gets older and more self sufficient that you look into an umbrella stroller.