Cardstock paper cutter for a home office?

Discussion in Office Supplies started by Adrean J • Apr 14, 2014.

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    I am running a small business with my husband and we want to make our own post card sized flyers, using cardstock. Since the full sheets are much cheaper than the individual post cards, I am looking for a quality, affordable paper cutter that I can use in my home office to cut the sheets into fours. I need something that is kid safe, but still sharp enough to cut through cardstock. I have found a few on Amazon, but I'm seeing a lot of complaints about the cutting quality. Please lead me in the right direction, if possible!
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    What type of cutter are you interested in? Because they each have their pros and cons. The ones that slide along a ruler are more accurate and precise and generally safer, but you typically cannot cut multiple sheets at once with them and you will often need to replace the blades. Cardstock in particular would be harder to cut though and would likely wear down the blades even faster.

    The other kind of cutters, with the rocking blade that you lift up and down, are faster to work with, and I believe the blade even sharpens itself as you use them. However, they are not quite as accurate, and the paper or card stock will tend to move a little while you are bring the blade down. Also the blade itself has a little "give' to it, allowing it to wiggle left and right, so sometimes the cuts can come out a little wavy. As long as you don't mind the cuts not being super precise, I would go with the rocking blade models. You definitely need to keep them out of the reach of your kids though.

    Xacto brand is what is used by most artists, but i don't know if they make a rocking blade cutter. If you decide to go with the sliding blade one though, I would go with Xacto, because their replacement blades will be much easier to find.
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