Cell Phones with a bad ESN can still be useful

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    Thought I would share this article I wrote on a different forum, Bad ESN phones can be much cheaper so I thought you guys might care to know!

    For those who do not know, an ESN is an Electronic Serial Number which is used to identify a specific CDMA cell phone. With a "Bad ESN" the cell phojne can not be activated on the carrier it was intended for, this can be due to a manufacturer defect, or more likely billing issues with the previous owners. Most large Service Providers will not provide service to a phone with bad ESN, the cell phone can still connect to wireless networks, play games and watch movies.

    I've recently helped my little brother (12) find an android smartphone he can use for apps, music and games. He was hard pressed to buy an Ipod because he didn't want a traditional phone, but I managed to convince him, largely because of the wider range of free apps and a lower price point. We were looking at a Samsung Galaxy S3 (Which puts my Galaxy Blaze to shame) on eBay for him, something that is enough of a powerhouse for games without busting his bank.

    He made sure I knew that it didn't matter what carrier it was because he had no intention of getting service, his father doesn't want him getting it anyway. It was then that it occured to me that if he has no desire for service, a bad ESN could definitely save some cash, enough for him to get a quality case and screen protectors (He can be extremely rough on electronics). He has been very happy with his device and he has not broken it yet (Fingers crossed). We ended up spending $139.99 on the Galaxy S3 (Bad Esn, minor wear and tear) and $15 on a case, screen protectors and a stylus.

    Just thought that I'd share that if you only need a device for applications, music and such, a bad ESN phone could be very well worth your time.