Changing the way we think about money tips!!!

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    Sep 26, 2013
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    On my journey to become more financially independent (debt free and not living paycheck to paycheck), I discovered some things about the way I viewed money. Many of the things I thought were wrong. I had to change the way I perceived money first. One of the things I learned was about assets. We are taught that assets are things that we accumulate that are supposed to be of value. I recently learned to look at assets in a new way. The lesson said that assets should be viewed as things that are making you money. Well, learning that eliminated a few things on my asset list. If you spend more on paying for an item than the income it brings in, then it is not an asset. Take for instance a house. The price you pay for it plus insurance, interest payments, and upkeep. When you sell it, are you really getting your money back that you invested into it.

    Renewing my financial outlook continues to help me daily. What are some things you learned that has helped you on your journey to financial freedom?:)