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Discussion in Health & Beauty started by Denis Hard • Oct 19, 2015.

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    The desire or need, if you please, for one's skin to be soft compels lots of people to buy pricey products which promise them softer skin. There is a way to get softer skin without having to spend too much money on expensive skin softening products.

    Actually it's very simple. Olive oil in a natural skin softener which you should use more often.

    It can also be used for exfoliation:

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    And it's got lots of health benefits preventing skin cancer being one of them.
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    Dec 4, 2014
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    Thanks for sharing, at Denis Hard :) It seems it's all about oils at the moment. I used to useda very nice Olive oil face wash that I really liked. At the moment, I've jumped on the coconut oil bandwagon, which seems to be taking the world by storm!
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    Jul 26, 2015
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    As olive oil is a staple where I come from and has for centuries been used - not only for its internal and external health and beauty properties but also for many other things too - such as - for removing stains from nails and fingers, as well as paint from hair and skin, cleaning brushes, as a fuel for oil lamps, relieving sunburn etc and am therefore fully aware of as well as reaping many of the benefits that olive oil has to offer - I would have to agree - that yes -100% pure extra virgin olive oil is one of the most versatile natural beauty products anyone could wish for.

    Especially as - not only is it a natural hypo-allergenic moisturizer suitable for all skin types - but extremely economical too - particularly as - apart from being a great exfoliate, as mentioned - when mixed with sea salt or sugar - its is also excellent when used as a

    Foot lotion - especially good for softening and smoothing dry cracked heels
    Face, hand and body moisturizer
    Lip balm
    Make-up remover
    Deep conditioning treatment for hair - as well as for taming frizzy hair
    Dandruff control
    or as
    Shaving cream - as not only is it a perfect lubricant for those with sensitive skin - but it gives a cleaner closer shave too.

    Which of course means great savings all round - as instead of having to buy all those items individually - as you would only need to buy one product - it is very definitely an extremely economical way of attending to all beauty needs.

    This however
    is unfortunately somewhat misleading - as although it is true that recent research - has shown some very promising results regarding olive oil and cancer prevention - as that study was conducted on cancer cells in a laboratory situation - meaning this type of study does not guarantee that the results would be the same in humans - there is as yet no conclusive evidence to say that olive oil does actually prevent skin cancer.
  4. Diane Lane

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    Mar 22, 2015
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    I think I'm going to invest in a special container for my olive oil, so I always have some on hand for beauty/health treatments, separate from my kitchen supply. I will definitely have to do so if I'm going to use it in the bathroom for a hair treatment. I have a bad memory, so having something in close proximity tends to enhance the probability that I will actually use it. I have some conditioner with argan oil in it, but had never thought about using olive oil in that manner.