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Discussion in Travel started by JoshPosh • Sep 14, 2014.

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    Sep 11, 2014
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    Before flying anywhere, I usually check the times of year when flight will be cheaper. From there I check multiple sites for discounts on flights. Most of the last minute deals can be found on

    I do have a favorite airlines that I like to fly frequently so I try to stick to that airline. I apply for frequent flyer miles card, VIP memberships, anything I can get my hands on the get a discount on flights on anything I can get.

    You should also see if they have a credit card associated with that particular airlines. Some cards have bonus points if used to purchase airline tickets.

    Back home my friends used their airline credit card to purchase everything and pay their bills just to get frequent flyer miles and in turn get free flights to anywhere in the world. You just need to pay off your credit cards before some serious interest kicks in.

    What are your tips for discounted flights?